RPM Front Upper A-arms for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer, Horní ramena pro UDR, Jako TRA8531

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cena s DPH: 293 Kč(11,057 EUR)

  • Katalogové číslo: RPM81382
  • Termín dodání (dny): Skladem

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Have you managed to break an upper A-arm on your Unlimited Desert Racer? If you have, you’ll find that replacing them is a serious chore. Save yourself some headaches and install a set of RPM Upper A-arms on your Unlimited Desert Racer for guaranteed unbreakable performance for the life of your truck.

RPM UDR A-arms are tough for a number of reasons but it all starts with some of the best engineering grade nylons in the industry. We then evaluate why the stock parts break and build our replacements to solve those problems. For example, customers have reported that the pivot balls tend to rip out of stock A-arms. To fix that issue, we’ve added nearly 10% more material surrounding the pivot ball and, coupled with our stronger materials, virtually eliminates pivot ball breaks. We’ve also increased the amount of material in both support arms leading to the pivot ball. The extra support material means breakage along any other area of our A-arms will be virtually non-existent.

Tech Notes: RPM Upper A-arms for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer are sold in pairs and replace stock Traxxas #8531.


Traxxas horní ramena závesu kol, TRA8531

  • Kat.číslo TRA8531

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