Hot Racing SLF311 Front & Rear Sway Bar 4wd Slash, stabilizační kit pro Slash 4x4

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stabilizační kit pro Slash 4x4

Hot Racing brand Front and Rear Sway Bar Set for use on the

for use on the Traxxas 4x4 Slash,, LCG 4x4 Slash and 1/10 Rally Vehicles.


Adjustable spring steel sway bar wire

A set of three sway bars for a wider range of adjustment to suit the current track condition


Two soft Red anti-roll bars

Two medium Blue anti-roll bars

Two hard chrome anti-roll bars

Four Push Rods with ball end.


(3) Sets of Front and rear Sway Bars Wire

chrome 2mm (Hard) (Stock Black)

Blue 1.8mm (Med) (stock Silver)

Red 1.6mm (Soft)


Will need TRA3932 for mounting the wire

pro uchycení jsou třeba šroubky TRA3932


Slash/Stampede - příčný stabilizátor (P+Z), TRA6898, Traxxas 6898

  • Kat.číslo TRA6898

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