RPM70992 RPM Precision Camber Gauge, presna merka naklonu kol

bez DPH: 234 Kč

cena s DPH: 282 Kč(10,642 EUR)

  • Katalogové číslo: RPM70992
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presna merka naklonu kol

Product Description
One of the most critical suspension adjustments on a R/C vehicle is the vehicle’s camber. RPM has proven time after time that even the most experienced drivers cannot set their camber by “eye”. With our Camber Gauge, novice to professional drivers alike can set their camber on all wheels to less than one degree of accuracy! Once camber has been set and documented, this gauge will be able to tell you if a crash has affected your camber! When used in conjunction with #70492 toe-in gauge, you’ll gain a distinct advantage over anyone that does not have our gauges! RPM’s Camber Gauge is the only tool that allows you to do track-side checks in a matter of seconds!