Proline 'stunner' Short Course M4 Tyres W/closed Cell Inserts

  • Katalogové číslo: PRO1010603
  • Termín dodání (dny): 654

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Pro-Line is ready to Stun the competition with a new Outdoor Short Course Tyre: the Stunner! The Stunner combines the best features of the Tazer, Sniper and Blockade SC tyres into one incredible tyre for ideal Short Course traction. The center tread design of the Stunner is perfect for dusty and loamy outdoor tracks and the outer tread creates more aggressive side bite for consistent handling in loose conditions. Get the latest in outdoor Short Course Tyre Technology from Pro-Line with the new Stunner SC!


  • Perfect tire for outdoor dusty and loamy track conditions
  • Includes new Closed Cell Foam Insert
  • Height: 108mm
  • Width: 47mm