PRO118411 Proline Trencher X 3.8in (Traxxas Style Bead) All Terrain Tires Mounted on Desperado Black 1/2in Offset 17mm Wheels, kola summit, kola erevo, kola emaxx

  • Katalogové číslo: PRO118411
  • Termín dodání (dny): 654

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 This is a pair of Trencher X 3.8in (Traxxas® Style Bead) All Terrain Truck Tires Mounted on Desperado Black ?” Offset 17mm Wheels. Leave a mark with your   Monster Truck wherever you are with Pro-Line’s Trencher X tires. The Trencher X tires are designed to give your MT optimal traction on just about any surface. Super cool horizontal H shaped treads give your MT ridiculous amounts of forward bite. With tread height at ?” tall, you’ll find that durability and longevity are second to none. These awesome Trencher X tires are mounted on Pro-Line’s new 6-spoke wheel, making your truck the toughest looking one on the block.  The Desperado wheels are a one-piece glue wheel made out of extremely durable nylon material. The Desperado wheels feature a molded in bead-loc ring for an awesome scale look.  Pro-Line has combined high strength nylon with a super smooth finish to give you the ultimate in wheel selection and style. This 17mm hex wheel and tire combo is sure to make your truck stand out from the rest, so get some today!   Trencher X 3.8in (Traxxas® Style Bead) Tires Mounted on ?” offset wheels (2 pcs)   For Monster Trucks with 17mm Hexes   Height: 6.50in (165mm) Width: 4.15in (105mm)