Proline Trencher 4.3" Pro-loc All Ter. Tyres For Xmaxx (F/r)

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Maxx/Truggy Tyres

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This is a pair of Trencher 4.3" Pro-Loc Tyres. Pro-Line is ready to unleash the incredibly popular Trencher tread super-sized for your X-MAXX! Pro-Line's world class development team spent several months of research, development and testing to ensure that the Trencher 4.3" tyre will perform above and beyond your expectations in any off-road condition you can dream up. Whether it is loose or hard-packed dirt, sand, snow, grass or gravel the Trencher tyre is up to the task. The Trencher 4.3" is Wider and Taller than the popular Badlands 4.3" for more aggressive looks and performance and comes in a Super Soft compound for incredible grip!

The Trencher tread was designed to have ultimate traction combined with long-lasting durability. Each tyre lug is shaped to dig into whatever surface you are running on and is ultra-thick so that it is extremely durable. The Trencher 4.3" tyre features Pro-Line's ground breaking proprietary Pro-Loc Technology that creates an ultra-secure bond to Pro-Line's Impulse Pro-Loc X-MAXX wheels while still being removable when required. The reinforced Tyre bead fits into a uniquely shaped channel on the wheel and the bead-loc screws actually pass through the tyre rubber before being pinched by the outer bead-loc ring to create the maximum possible mounting security.

If you want to take your X-MAXX to the next level of Performance, get Pro-Line's new Trencher 4.3" Pro-Loc Tyres!

Pro-Line Trencher 4.3" Pro-Loc All Terrain Truck Tyre Feature:

  • Horizontal H Shaped Tread for Ridiculous Amounts of Traction and Stability
  • Over-sized Tall Tread and Wider Tyre Size
  • Extremely Detailed Sidewall For a Tough Off-road Look
  • Super Soft, Maximum Traction Tyre Compound
  • Reinforced Tire Bead
  • Proprietary Pro-Loc Technology for Secure Tyre Mounting
  • Pairs perfectly with Pro-Line's Impulse Pro-Loc wheels for X-MAXX
  • Foam Inserts Included

Spec Check:

  • Height: 8.60" (218mm)
  • Width: 4.57" (116mm)

What's Included:

  • Trencher 4.3" Pro-Loc Tyres (2 pcs)
  • Foam Inserts (2 pcs)