Pro-line Flat Iron 2.2" Truck Tyres (M3) Memory Foam

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  • Katalogové číslo: PL1146-12
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Crawler Tyres

Pro-Line is proud to announce their all-new Rock Crawling and/or all-terrain tyre for 2.2" standard wheels or bead-loc wheels – called Flat Iron.

For the Rock Crawler – Big slats of slanted rock – this is typically what is referred to as Flat Iron. In the case of the Flat Iron tyre, it is made to do just that – climb up anything that you challenge it with. “Simply put, they were the best slick rock tyre we tested and werecompletely surprised by this outcome. The super aggressive tread pattern was superior on the steepest ascents that we could throw at them. Our conclusion is that the Flat Iron is a champion,” says Pete Bach, self-proclaimed rockcrawler extraordinaire.
The tyre has been designed for complete terrain diversity while maintaining a true rock crawling look. The large lug pattern combined with siping allows the tyre to have the perfect amount of flex under throttle acceleration. In fact, in our testing, the Flat Iron's response to throttle acceleration was unmatched.

And as a continuing added value for the crawling industry, Pro-Line has included their Memory Rock Crawling foams in the Flat Iron tyres at no additional costs (please see part number list below).

For All-Terrain - What better way to experience radio control cars then on a variety of surfaces all at once with a scale looking tire. Pro-Line recognizes your need to explore a variety of terrains every time you drive your car and that's why we have created a tire to do all that and more. Introducing the Flat Iron tire.
It's realistic, aggressive tread make a perfect blend for a variety of surfaces. The tread is spaced close enough together for street use while a molded in siping technique compliments those all-terrain needs.

For you all-terrain users, Pro-Line has included their super-firm foam insert (please see part number list below). This insert is soft enough to absorb rough terrain yet stiff enough to assist with those high-speed street passes.