RPM80453 RPM Revo Front Bumper Chrome, chromovy predni naraznik revo jako TRA5335x 5335x

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  • Katalogové číslo: RPM80453
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predni naraznik pro revo, e-revo

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Product Description
RPM provides the added protection the Revo needs with unbelievable strength and durability in our tubular front and rear bumpers. RPM bumpers for the Traxxas Revo are made from our bulletproof blend of nylons. RPM nylons are the best material for protecting your Revo since our materials are lightweight, inexpensive, and tougher than anything else available! We’ve re-engineered the front and rear bumpers to improve strength, especially around the screw holes, which eliminates potential weak points, and we’ve designed a recessed flat where with a little creativity, anyone can add in a customized, scale license plate. Additionally, our rear bumper has a flat area perfect for adding a ball stud for a faux ball hitch (see our FAQ page of our website for more information). Our colors are molded into each bumper so scratches and nicks won’t cut through to a different color underneath. In addition, our chrome bumpers are molded over our metallic silver bumper so scratches won’t show as easily as a stock bumper (where black is the base color). RPM bumpers carry our lifetime warranty against breakage and will hold up to the roughest of punishment.


Traxxas nárazník přední, zadní černý, TRA5335X

  • Kat.číslo TRA5335X

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