RPM80212 RPM Revo Upper and Lower right Front A-arms, RPM přední pravá ramena pro E-Revo, jako TRA5331

bez DPH: 298 Kč

cena s DPH: 360 Kč(13,585 EUR)

  • Katalogové číslo: RPM80212
  • Termín dodání (dny): Skladem

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RPM Revo A-Arms are the only alternative to bulletproof performance that rivals any competition! Check out this laundry list of awesome features:

Nearly identical in weight to stock A-Arms

Redesigned for incredible durability under the toughest of conditions

More wear resistant than any other material available

Excess A-arm endplay has been eliminated for more accurate caster and toe angle settings

Angled leading and trailing edges eliminate dirt build-up

No low-hanging cross-braces or shock mounting areas providing better ground clearance

Massive shock rod mounting areas for improved rigidity

Available in black, blue, & dyeable white

Less than half the price of aluminum A-arms

Molded from our bulletproof blend of nylons


Traxxas ramena závěsu zadních kol, TRA5333

  • Kat.číslo TRA5333

bez DPH 131 Kč

s DPH 159 Kč(6 EUR)

Traxxas ramena závěsu kol přední pravé, TRA5331

  • Kat.číslo TRA5331

bez DPH 135 Kč

s DPH 163 Kč(6,151 EUR)